We would like to express an endless amount of gratitude to Danial Azizan from iCentre for his guidance and consultation, Maktab Duli and Ms Nurul Fariha from the Business Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Education and the Tourism Department. Also not forgetting Maymon Mohamad for sponsoring the early stages of the project (domain).


Without the aid, guidance and cooperation of the mentioned groups, it would certainly be impossible to have this project taking flight.


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1STOPBRUNEI is an organization founded by Muhd Shavez. The Co-Founders are Ak. Muhd Fadhli and Jenson Wong. It is a portal which will provide free in-depth information and entertainment to the wired Bruneian and the general public. There will be varying of essential and useful content ranging from Islam to Tourism to Health and Sports and many more. The website's main function is to be the creative platform for Brunei

The Founder and Co-Founders

1)   Muhammad Shavez Cheema was born on the 16th of January 1993. He did his early education in St Andrew’s school and then further continued his education in Maktab Duli before finally entering University Brunei Darussalam. Shavez is the youngest sibling of two and his family originates from Pakistan and Tutong.He can speak English, Malay and Urdu fluently and is learning Russian at the moment. He has keen interest in Drama, Sports and Wildlife


His first major role was being Macbeth in Maktab Duli in 2011. After that success he joined SEEDS and Brunei Amateur dramatic society (BADS). With Seeds he again he had a major role as being the grand pa. He also did some comedy shows in middle of 2012. With BADS he did room 712 as the waiter and the husband of the bride to be. Now Shavez is doing some shows in 2013 and a film as well.


In his sports side, He captained the Brunei Cricket team from 2007-2012 and won Brunei’s first game against the Maldives and got the man of the match award. After his cricket tenure, He continued playing the local league however his main interest shifted to Football and Squash and within a year he was playing football for a local club and Squash for the Brunei Squash club with various trips to Malaysia already


Shavez is also involved with a lot of NGO’s. He has his own 1stopbrunei Wildlife club in which the club does research on the wildlife of Brunei and is working with Green Brunei and Brunei Nature Society on this. He is also the Vice President of the Entrepreneurial @ Campus committee, an initiative by BEDB and UBD.


2)   Fadhli Sulaiman, the Co-Founder of 1STOPBRUNEI,completed his Cambridge GCE O Level (2009) and A Level Examination (2011) at Sekolah Menengah SMJA and Maktab Duli PMAMB respectively. Currently, Fadhli is enrolled in The University of Sussex taking Politics and International Relations with the hope of aiding Brunei into the transition of a successful globalized state, mainly in the attempts of achieving Brunei 2035 Vision. He enjoy's debating as he savors building constructive arguments and enjoy's finding solutions for hard deliberations and find analyzing situations and unraveling problematic issues with different perspectives to be both challenging and rewarding. Surfing the internet and playing cyber games are also present in his spare time along with playing tennis and badminton in terms of sport activities. Reflective to the course he is taking, his ambition is to be an ambassador or a minister in Brunei and InsyaAllah also be one of the most accomplished businessmen in Brunei.

3)   Jenson Wong is a BSc Biology student in University of Brunei Darussalam. His main interest lies in sustainable management, Ecotourism and a field in Environment Impact Assessment. Jenson is the acting president of the UBD wildlife Club and a member of the Environment Youth Envoy formed by Department of Environment to empower youth as a change agent in moving the country towards environment stewardship. He represented Brunei during the South East Asia Youth Environment Network  regional meeting in Bali, Indonesia and was one of the Brunei representative for the Asia-Europe Meeting on Challenges in conserving Tropical Biodiversity. He is also serving as a Brunei National youth advisor for the TUNZA- United Nation Environmetal Program (UNEP). In his free time, he enjoys culinary arts and gaming.